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Easy vegetable dip…

17 July 2023


A Trip to the Farmer’s Market…

Summer is in full swing, and our farmer’s markets are bursting with fresh and flavorful local vegetables. It’s the perfect time to indulge in colorful, crunchy crudites, and what better way to accompany them than with a delicious homemade dip? In this recipe, we present you with a super easy dip that highlights our La Caroline BBQ sauce, a true explosion of flavors to elevate your seasonal vegetables.

A Southwest-inspired Vegetable Dip 🌵

Get ready to impress your guests with this perfect blend of freshness and indulgence, celebrating the richness of our local terroir. Discover how to create this irresistible dip and let yourself be seduced by the delicious marriage of fresh vegetables and our homemade BBQ sauce. A delightful and convivial way to fully enjoy the summer abundance that lies before us.

You’ll Need…

250 ml of sour cream

45 ml of La Caroline BBQ sauce

Chives, cilantro, parsley from the garden

Your favorite crudites or tortillas

Finely chop your choice of herbs.

Mix the sour cream and BBQ sauce.

Add the chopped herbs.

Serve with a crudite platter or as a side for tacos or nachos.

Sauce BBQ La Caroline Miss Marmelades fait au Québec

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