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Corporate Gourmet Gifts

23 September 2023


Corporate Gourmet Gifts

In an increasingly connected world, it’s precious to return to our local roots, to celebrate the creativity and talent of those around us. It is with this outlook that we delve into the art of local gourmet gift-giving for corporate occasions.

Offering corporate gifts is a beautiful way to show appreciation to your employees, business partners, and loyal clients. But why not make these gifts even more special by infusing them with the unique flavour of your region?

Three Gourmet Collections

At Miss Marmelades, we believe in the magic of local indulgence. That’s why we’ve created three special collections to meet all your corporate gift-giving desires:

Gourmet Breakfasts: Bring sunshine to your plate with our marmalade and jams that will brighten your mornings. Whether you’re a traditionalist or on a quest for new flavours, our unique creations will make all your mornings gourmet.

Cheese Lovers: For family or friends gatherings, discover our collection that includes jellies and preserves perfect for any cheese board. A highly flavourful blend for the most indulgent moments.

The Kitchen Helpers: From our salad dressings to our famous BBQ sauce, this collection will assist you in preparing your favourite recipes. Pure gourmet delight!

Local products

But that’s not all! We also offer local products, carefully chosen from other local producers. Imagine baskets brimming with artisan chocolates, golden honey, delicious terrines, succulent pâtés, crunchy nuts, and maple treasures. A true feast for the senses, each local hamper is a celebration of the delights of your region.

What makes our corporate gifts even more special is our ability to personalize every detail to meet your needs and budget. We understand that every business is unique, just as every gift-giving occasion is. That’s why we offer a range of custom packaging options designed to fit all budgets.

Tailored for You

Whether you’re a small business looking to support other local entrepreneurs or a large company wanting to make a statement for sustainability, we have ideas for you. Stay tuned for tips, inspiring testimonials, and enticing gift ideas.

Join us in this adventure where indulgence and generosity meet, and where each gift becomes a celebration of the diversity and quality of your region. Together, we’ll explore how to make every corporate gift a true local treasure.

Coffret cadeau Miss Marmelades

Visit our online store to discover our products and personalize your corporate gift today. Or come visit us at our new boutique at 170 Saint Antoine, Gatineau, for a gourmet experience in person.

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