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Appéro for 2

14 February 2022


For Valentine’s Day I made a little aperitif video for 2.

Simple and quick, I made a cheese and charcuterie board with some of my jellies to inspire you.

We start with a nice board (if not a nice plate) the visual is always important.

The choice of jellies will depend on your choice of cheese, here I opted for our Porto jelly and our chilli jelly. All-purpose, these 2 jellies are among our best sellers.

Then choose the cheeses, ideally a soft cheese and a crusty one, but that is entirely up to you.

Be adventurous or ask your cheese maker for advice we have so many wonderful cheeses from Quebec visit the Fromage d’ici website to discover the cheeses from your region.

Add some charcuterie, sausage or prosciutto and serve with baguette or cracker.

Creating a moment in less than 15 minutes is easy. Enjoy your meal !

Follow the link to see the assembly video and discover other recipe ideas

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